Recap of 2012 Southern California Staff Training and Development Day

February, 2012
St. Joseph’s High School – Lakewood, CA

This day is meant for the TACSC was pleased to host over 50 8th-12th grade leaders at our Staff Training and Development Day at St. Josephs High School in Lakewood, CA. This group demonstrated tremendous communication, public speaking and planning skills throughout the day!

Participants were instructed to come prepared with speeches and we were entertained by the many unique ways our leaders chose to introduce themselves. The Senior Staff and Selection Committee was impressed by the creativity and planning that was put into these speeches. Some grew a TACSC garden and some created entertaining videos! In the afternoon, we worked on “extemporaneous” speaking. Participants were given 15 minutes of preparation time to present a 2 minute speech on assigned topics. This speaking format allowed students to showcase their ability to organize and present information in a short time frame.  Finally, we closed the day with impromptu presentations based on real-life workshop scenarios. How would one handle losing power to their laptop during a presentation? How do you support a home sick child? It was an insightful learning experience shared by the entire group.

We look forward to the ongoing leadership training of our staff. The TACSC office is developing a High School Development Series to provide staff with specific workshops (powerpoint/keynote presentations, time management) which will improve ourselves between events. We are very excited by the incredible level of  talent displayed at Staff Training and Development Day. Thank you again for being part of the growing TACSC Family!

A special thank you to: 
Mrs. Banks for coordinating our snacks and lunch
St. Joseph’s High School for allowing us to use their facilities for our training day
TACSC Staff Selection Committee for your extra time and energy on Sunday evening
Mr. Fanucchi for hosting dinner

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