We have completed our 2015 Summer Leadership Conferences.

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In summer 2014, 370 students participated in our summer leadership development program.  The TACSC Summer Leadership Conference program provides the opportunity for incoming 6th, 7th and 8th grade students to find their voice as leaders, whether acting in Student Government positions or in other leadership roles in their schools or communities.  The curriculum for this intensive five day conference delivers valuable life leadership lessons in:

* Personal and team development
* Meeting design and management
* Communication and presentation skills
* Team Building and collaboration techniques with peers and adults
* Project goal setting, organizing, planning and execution
* Creative problem solving and decision making
* Student Government support and resources
* Developing a closer connection to God and the importance of community service

Student delegates also learn the importance of community service by participating in the TACSC Magis Program. “Magis” is Latin for “doing more.” This program provides an opportunity for students to apply their leadership skills to conceptualize, plan, and implement a meaningful service project back in their own community.

A highlight of the Summer Conference experience is that student delegates are guided through their leadership development by a volunteer staff of high school students, college students and adult mentors.  The majority of the staff is past delegates of TACSC Summer Conferences.  The staff members are invaluable role models for the students and demonstrate how leadership can make a difference.

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