TACSC has completed another successful year of our beloved Summer Leadership Conferences! So many of us have the fondest of memories (and anxieties) associated with leaving home for 5 days and 4 nights. This year, TACSC hosted nearly 420 students at our three conferences and we definitely should feel the impact of such amazing young leaders coming into our world.

We began with over 175 students at Loyola Marymount University (LMU), which was our largest conference at LMU in 6 years. Students enjoyed the cool ocean breezes during one of LA’s hottest weeks as we completed our first conference in late June. Then we hosted over 100 students at our second conference at UC Irvine. With our amazing classrooms and auditoriums, UC Irvine’s facilities gave us some of our greatest venues this year. Finally, we completed an amazing summer at our oldest home, Claremont-McKenna College. With over 140 students joining us, we enjoyed the late August heat together and saw some incredible programs put on by the students. As a bonus, we were taken back to Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Dining Hall every time we gathered for our meals… what a great set-up!

Some of our favorite quotes from our conferences this year:

“This week is so great. I want to SNAP CHAT this whole week to my friends but the counselors won’t let me use my cell phone at meals.”

“This is my third year coming here and I cannot stop smiling! My parents said I can keep coming here as long as I want!”

“Why is this week so short… can it be longer please?”

“How can I be a counselor? Seriously.  I need to be a counselor. What do I do… anything… just name it. I can do it. I swear I can. Where do I send a letter or an email or a text… or I can send all. Do you guys get faxes?”

But the best quote came from a young man who lost his first tooth at our Claremont-McKenna Conference.  Our staff members wrapped it up and gave it to him to save until the tooth fairy can come to his house after camp and leave him a gift for his tooth.  He jumps up and a down with a huge smile and screams out loud in the dining hall, “I just lost my first tooth, we won the biathlon games today and I am at loving it at this camp! THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!”

It was in fact the best day ever for three complete conferences in 2017! Thank you all for Making It Happen and Growing Catholic Leaders at our Summer Leadership Conferences in 2017!

Go to our Facebook Page and YoutTube Channel to see photos and videos from the conferences.

The TACSC Summer Leadership Conference program provides the opportunity for incoming 6th, 7th and 8th grade students to find their voice as leaders, whether acting in Student Government positions or in other leadership roles in their schools or communities.  The curriculum for this intensive five day conference delivers valuable life leadership lessons in:

* Personal and team development
* Meeting design and management
* Communication and presentation skills
* Team Building and collaboration techniques with peers and adults
* Project goal setting, organizing, planning and execution
* Creative problem solving and decision making
* Student Government support and resources
* Developing a closer connection to God and the importance of community service